a girl who is fat and single
Oh my god Alina hasn't had any in ages.

I know dude, it's cos she's fingle
by slagrat April 09, 2010
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The fingle is empty space between two fingers. It consists of void space. The average human being has 5 fingers and 4 fingles.
Bishop from Alien played a game with a knife in which the objective was to hit the fingles while avoiding the fingers.
by Andrew Brower November 12, 2007
Definition; A light fondle
Aaron had given Borris a good fingle
by hedleyway October 20, 2013
To touch or otherwise physically molest someone else's property.
Why did you fingle my stuff?
by Blockaholic March 27, 2008
the end of a terrible relationship

- finally single.

= fi-ngle
did you here? i'm FINGLE!
by Milzanator April 27, 2011
(V): to molest someones stuff

(N): a molestor
I like to fingle in your panty drawer.

Danjo, you're such a fingle.
by B on a scantron July 15, 2009
To activate a savepoint in a video game, making a sound or triggering an animation to indicate the player can now save or load their progress.
That savepoint is so cute when you fingle it!
by L & J April 08, 2008

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