To activate a savepoint in a video game, making a sound or triggering an animation to indicate the player can now save or load their progress.
That savepoint is so cute when you fingle it!
by L & J April 08, 2008
Top Definition
The fingle is empty space between two fingers. It consists of void space. The average human being has 5 fingers and 4 fingles.
Bishop from Alien played a game with a knife in which the objective was to hit the fingles while avoiding the fingers.
by Andrew Brower November 12, 2007
Definition; A light fondle
Aaron had given Borris a good fingle
by hedleyway October 20, 2013
A better word for a finger that should be used a lot.
1. My fingers are HUGE!!
2. You mean fingles
by Words In The Future November 30, 2014
a girl who is fat and single
Oh my god Alina hasn't had any in ages.

I know dude, it's cos she's fingle
by slagrat April 09, 2010
To touch or otherwise physically molest someone else's property.
Why did you fingle my stuff?
by Blockaholic March 27, 2008
the end of a terrible relationship

- finally single.

= fi-ngle
did you here? i'm FINGLE!
by Milzanator April 27, 2011
(V): to molest someones stuff

(N): a molestor
I like to fingle in your panty drawer.

Danjo, you're such a fingle.
by B on a scantron July 15, 2009
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