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commonly used to describe most beat-em-ups. aka streetfighter, mortal kombat, soul blade. Due to the state of your fingers when you finish a good sesion of kicking the shit out of your mate with ryuor sub-zero.
daz: dude you wanna game of street fighter?
me: shit mate you know those games are fingerfuckers,and i was going to sort out my thimble colection later!!!
by joe kerr November 28, 2006
8 17
One who must compulsively handle or touch every item when entering a retail establishment, never with an intent to purchase the merchandise.
1. The proprieter of the local "Sunglass Hut" hated Barbara, as she was a known fingerfucker and would smudge all the lenses of the Prada eyewear and leave without spending a dime.

2. Retail managers hate fingerfuckers who take up sales clerk time, put their hands on everything, and then walk out.
by sour-puss June 08, 2007
29 8
One who practices in sexual activity using their finger. Either by giving the "two finger salute" or the "two in the pink, one in the stink" methods.

A finger fucker can fuck either males or females as both have pleasure holes.
OMG!!!! That chick tried to finger fuck my ass while sucking my dick!!!! She is a dirty finger fucker.
by Apples for the man January 13, 2009
20 15
Someone who goes into a jewelry store, tries on all of the rings and then leaves without buying anything.
You spent an hour helping that customer without selling her anything. Was she a finger fucker?
by Boscoe September 10, 2009
5 3