The sexual act of fingering a male
Me and Marcus like to fing
Bro, last night i fing'd Gus at the frat house.
by BroDerrick August 25, 2007
The act of placing one's fingers into a female's vagina and pleasuring her.
Well, fings.
by Colliebear February 23, 2010
When someone with long (and usually creepy-looking) fingers touches stuff (or other people) with them in a disturbing and annoying way.
Stop finging me, Goddamnit! It's sickening.
by Margaret May 12, 2003
comes from sweden reffering to our english word "thing"

Fings are usually very random and small, like rats.
Carey is a lil' fing and he likes older disabled women because they can't escape him easilly.
by Jameboy March 09, 2005
To move, esp. fingers
Woah, Francie fings her index so incessantly, I wonder when her finger will become weary.
by John Smith July 11, 2003
New meaning coined by Jason Hatcher in early 2007. It is a short form for the activity of sending messages to friends through the popular online social utility "Facebook".

See also: F-Booking, Effin, Effing, Fooking, F'in, Fook, Fooking
I've had so many friends added to my profile lately that I'm F-ing on this thing all day and all night.
by Jason Garett Hatcher June 15, 2007
Friggin' Ignorant New Guy (or girl) - a recently hired new person in your department who will most certainly mess things up for you.

This person is told to go trim the hedges around this building, but has no idea what hedge trimmers are or how to use them.

"Check out the FING - we're in trouble now!"
by Jack Vance September 01, 2005

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