to get in
Roy: Did you fing last night?
Alexander III: Yah garantee
by smartboi7888 February 17, 2011
An ancient Peruvian Tribal Festival, portraying fashion, dance and music. The full name of the festival is "finnobuga" often referred as fing.
We are attending a fing tonight.
All fashions presented at their fing was excellent.
by Spencer Artoge July 14, 2008
Fings, also meaning fat wings, appear on an extremely fat person. It is when the person becomes so obese that their armpits are so large that they begin to fold over thus looking like really fat, short wings.
Dude, your dad is so fat that he could use his fings to fly to BK and get me a hot sandwich and possibly a medium Coke.
by Brian Murrell May 25, 2008
Fing or Fings is short for Finger or Fingers.
Oooh I almost burnt ma fing.
by WinDillus April 02, 2010
Verb; to move ones fingers in a rapid motion, or to move ones hands in a rapid motion.
"She made me nervouse; the anxiety made me fing"
by Spyder Edwards December 03, 2004
(v)The motion of the fingers; any motion made by the fingers or hands
bending, grabbing, spirit fingers, thumbs up, thumbs down, closed fist, high five, sign language, etc.
by Kimsey May 02, 2007
Short for fucking. Polite, unoffensive manner to describe something as "fucking ________"
That concert was fing unbelievable! Or what's your fing problem?
by J Poko March 30, 2007

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