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A shortened form of the popular contraction "f'ing", obviously a contraction of "fuck". Not as versatile, but relatively unoffensive.
What the... Fing!
by Torbiak November 25, 2003
18 13
shortened version of the word fingerbang, which is totally mierke.
Donny and Ed used to talk about who they would fing as they passed their new piece from person to person.
by Harrison Greeley III January 12, 2005
41 37
British-english for 'things.'
I'm goin to the market for some fings, be back in a bit.
by bebe the great November 22, 2012
4 1
Abbreviation for "fingers."
My hands are so cold, I feel like my fings are going to fall off.
by almond man December 06, 2010
4 2
A typo, any typo. Acceptable variant: fingz
doodieripper485: i had a good day todat. you?
bobara28: LOL! FINGZ!
doodieripper485: goddamn, did i fings again? this never ends... :(
by doodie3 April 05, 2010
6 4
An obtuse contraction of "fucking." Can be used in general conversation without implying a profanity or an obscenity

Replaces the obvious: "frigging," "fricking," or "freaking."

Not original...read in a recent--2004/5--best-selling, fiction novel.
That "fing" guy is talking over my intelligent conversation.
by Vetzi Cantarini February 15, 2005
23 21
A fat thing.
I was walking home today and i saw a fing driving a car.
by pseudonym big tits May 20, 2010
3 3