A typo, any typo. Acceptable variant: fingz
doodieripper485: i had a good day todat. you?
bobara28: LOL! FINGZ!
doodieripper485: goddamn, did i fings again? this never ends... :(
by doodie3 April 05, 2010
Top Definition
What I never see fingers do.
Oh, there they go.
by Otto May 25, 2004
to make, do, or manipulate something. From the Latin verb "Fingere", meaning to shape or create. This is what fingers do.
I have to finish finging these vases, but then we can brochillax.

I wondered what all the ridence was about, and then I saw George mugging and trying to fing gang signs and I joined right in. LOL!
by That Dance Guy February 25, 2010
much lazier way to say "thing."
ya fink ya can get away wiv everfing, bruv.
by International Bad Boy September 10, 2004
this wody doesnt like to say the word FUCK, so she uses F, or F-ing
holy f-ing shit billy, that's hilarious
by DH. Droppin it like its hot! April 15, 2003
when your so baked, you look down at your fingers and wonder why the hell they call them fingers and not phalanges.
they call them fingers but i never see them fing. oh, there they go.
by ladeeum January 09, 2007
Fing is a word used by those too lazy to write effing.
I overheard the shop proprietor refer to a lazy assistant as an fing so and so.
by St. Ias November 01, 2005
To forcefully stick your fingers in someones stomach or sides causing pain, but also tickling them at the same time.
"My little brother was being annoying, so instead of hitting him and getting in trouble by my parents, I decided to fing him."
by ZMFLEX May 30, 2005
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