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A drinking ceremony after a sports game where players and those invited get fined for there play. The meeting is run by the fines master, who calls up the attendees one at a time for comment on their game and opens the floor to comment. Thereafter they must drink what ever concoction has been made. Nonalcoholics must have either a can of coke under high pressure (been knocked around) or whatever nonalcoholic concoction has been made (all ingredients welcome). There are formalities for drinking if you've lost (with left hand), if you've won (right hand) or drawn (both hands). The Formalities for addressing the fines master are "to the fines master through the chair with the utmost respect of course of course..." and the anti-fines master (who replaces the fines master to fine him and anyone else he wants ""to the anti-fines master through the chair with the utmost disrespect of course of course..." Anyone who speaks out of turn or breaks the rules must be fined Also toilet breaks must be called a "harry broosky".
A Fines meeting takes place in the change rooms or in the home club house.
Fines master: John, up standing.
Player, John, gets up and stands in front next to fines master
Fines master: I think you had a good game, you collect the ball and distributed it well, overall not too bad.
Another Player: To the fines master with the utmost respect of course of course, I would like to point out that John missed an easy tackle and he was not in his possition when we were trying to score at the end! And that is shocking even for John.. I think he deserves a double fine!
Fines master: Thats in good order, he shall drink twice.
Fines master hands John his drink.
by Surfer57 September 01, 2009
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