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A sub-genre of Freeform and Happy Hardcore music, originating from Finland. Finergy was created in the last couple of years most notably by Alek Szahala, Carbon Based, Re-form, Epilim and Pain on Creation. This style blends elements of Trance such as the uplifting synth apreggios and 4/4 kickdrums with the speed and intensity of hardcore, resulting in a very unique style of music much different to Happy Hardcore. Since it's growing popularity many freeform tracks have been signed to respected hardcore labels such as Electronic and Camel Records. As the UK hardcore culture and it's beliefs of Love, Peace and Unity (PLUR) falls to pieces after the commercialism it recieved from chart remixes on All Around The World records, the people are looking to europe to light the way...
Finergy is the most fuckin' mindblowing music you will ever hear
by System Shutdown November 13, 2005
Finergy is the energy found in the fingers. Most commonly noticed in those that must twiddle there thumbs, tap a beat on their desk, drummers, and those excited to start a race.
When your body has to move, it may allocate its energy to one specific area, which causes fidgeting. When the fingers are used to expend this energy, it is said to have finergy. I.E. Tapping on things, twiddling your thumbs, constantly flexing or cracking fingers.
by NovakAttack2 September 21, 2009

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