A really, really, really cool public art school in Greenville, South Carolina...

where you can study part time and still go to normal high school:
audition required

you can take:
visual arts (photography, metals, ceramics, drawing&painting), jazz guitar, dance, drama, music theory, voice, creative writing, chamber music, film&video umm...pretty sure that's it

A bit like the Governor's School for the Arts only much, much chiller and without the "we're so great" attitude and all the gay guys. Also, you don't have to wear mis-matching socks and listen to minimilistic electronica to fit in at the FAC.

There's a mix of arty, emo, nerds, scene kids, hipsters, grunge kids, hippies, kids from the 'hood, preppies, goths: everyone is welcome and gets along, etc, etc...
The Fine Arts Center? yah, it's pretty much the chillest place on Earth
by bluedust November 11, 2006
Top Definition
a public high school for the arts in Greenville, SC commonly referred to as the FAC that offers courses and instruction in theater, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, and digital filmmaking. the FAC shares a common campus and many students with Wade Hampton High School and other public and private schools in in Greenville County, as well as homeschooled students and students from surrounding areas. love it or hate it, there are lots of hipsters and hippie-krits, and anyone who has been there since 2006 will probably say the personality of the school as a whole is deteriorating. but for South Carolina, the opportunities the FAC offers to students are incomparable. people are generally respectful of each other and there is a relatively high level of acceptance towards minority and LGBT students.
I go to Riverside High and the Fine Arts Center, where I play jazz guitar and take music theory.
by modusponens September 27, 2009
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