The act of defecating. Normally used to describe a very large turd, that takes some amount of straining to expel from the rectum.
1.Jesus Christ, you should have seen the size of the Finch i just pushed out

2. I'm off to the dunny to squeeze out a finch.
by Hoffrocks May 30, 2005
Love or a strong liking for someone or somthing
1.) Man, that Oliva girl, I totally finch her.
2.) God I finch tacos!
by Rilo July 30, 2003
lame sarcasm, never funny, too stoned to grasp a moment. everything that is good and bad about rock music.
you're are such a fucking asshole
by mother of problems September 04, 2003
A name that denotes having the largest penis in the world.
Finch is well endowed.
by Rich December 08, 2004
A "GAY" guy who cum's in another guys ass and then takes a straw and slurp's all the juces that he produced and released (Ejaculated), into the realeasers mouth. There for allowing one to be a fucked ass sucker S.A.F.A (Suck A Fuck Ass). If you want to get technical and creative S.A.FINCH.A (Suck A FINCHED Ass). - He eats his own juices.

This term can be used for any type of gender.
cream pied asses with bacterial and chocolate topings.
by Gabe April 20, 2005
finch = an insult to rock

and that fucking ass who wants to put a bullet in david drainman can fuck himself.
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
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