A term used to describe someone who is sexually attracted and/or sexually obsessed with their blood-related mother.
"You're such a motherfucker, in fact you're literally Finch"
by Royce Dafinine March 03, 2008
One crazy Cat; A man of wealth and taste. He used to live The Life Narcotic harder than anyone at UCLA...he has sense been domesticated by "that special someone". If you lived in Courtside, you may have seen him. Up for weeks at a time, totally strung out, never even heard of going to class...Yet he still got better grades than everyone else put together, and graduated in only 5 quarters. Weird. Today, he can be seen crashing recklessly around the 'Wood on his BMW motorcycle or his 'Vette. Women want him. Men want to be him. He will be soon be leaving for Harvard Business School. High Roller, man.
Finch has lost his mind...
by anonymous February 18, 2005
any guy than only drinks liquer and other fine spirits
"My friend only drinks scotch, he's such a finch"
by Rob Batavia February 26, 2003
fiiinch!!! whoo hoo! go them
they kick ass
purrs and finch is at my doorstep
by hannah January 17, 2004
1. Reference to our dear friend Daniel
2. Edible bird
3. Fish
1. "Hey, Finch. How are you doing?" Mark
2. Lets eat some Finch
3. Isn't finch a fish
by jiexi December 07, 2003
1. Reference to our dear old friend Daniel
2. A type of edible bird
3. Somehow related to a fish
1. "Hey, Daniel Finch!"
2. Lets eat some finch
3. isn;t Finch a fish?
by jiexi December 08, 2003
the name given to extremely gay individuals, usually with tiny penis's. also have a massive resemblance to Frodo.
everybody hates a finch.
by R&S June 23, 2007

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