A combination of fist and clinch; which describes a clinched fist, most often used in passionate dance moves to power ballad songs.
Johnny felt so strongly about the lyrics to the love song that he pulled out a power finch
by meem101 February 15, 2011
A lover of cheesy rock bands like Bon Jovi.
He's such a Finch.
by crabbycat May 04, 2010
a dickhead, asshole, gay, and he has no respect for anyone whatsoever.
wow. your such a finch...
by maggiemahem March 24, 2011
slang for "fine bitches"
Damn! did you see those finches at the chiropractors office??
by finch#1 March 13, 2011
The best place in the world ever. Bar none. Located in Wimbledon Village, it truly is the pinnacle of human civilisation and is thickly coated in the putrid stench of coolness. The secret of life really is Finch's on a Friday Night.
Shall we do some more Latin or Greek or other cool things?
No, let's go to Finch's and be super cool.
by Shambles May 14, 2005
One of the best bands ever! Original lyrics. THey kick ass!
Finch is the best band ever!
by Maria January 09, 2005
shank, whore, slut, etc.

someone who thinks that they're hot shit. (when clearly they are not)
Zack- hey that girl is hot
Bob- no dude. she's a finch.
by mylifeisbro September 10, 2010
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