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verb: to take what is logically someone else's, and do so in a sly and charming fashion.
1) "Dude, I had a crush on that girl, and you hooked up with her! you totally Finched her!"

2) "Don't finch my food! You just took the food right off my plate!"
by Jackinthebeanstalk November 10, 2009
20 8
to finch is the act of stealing another guy's gal, or even the other way around.
"Yeah, dude, did you hear? My boy Tom got finched"

by W.Cronkite March 09, 2009
13 6
1. A bird that can fly
2. a fucking rocking band
3. the best band ever
4. the bestest rock band EVER
5. the coolest people ever
6. holy shyt its a good band
7. the best band on the face of the earth
8. Mikey and Aileen's fav. band
9. oh my god the best ever
10. hahaha i cant type anymore
Finch is the BESTEST rock band EVER!!
by MIKEY!!!! November 02, 2003
54 47
A lover of cheesy rock bands like Bon Jovi.
He's such a Finch.
by crabbycat May 04, 2010
4 1
1. A person who scores with a friend's mom.
2. A guy who is more interessted in older women then girls his own age.
1. DAMN Finch! was his mom good?
2. Stop looking at his mom FINCH!
by Christine April 16, 2004
24 21
1. The last name possesed by the most elite and amazing people ever.

2. A group of space cadets who pwn.
"Wow d00d, devin finch is righteous!"
by decay treacherous April 20, 2004
15 13
Used to describe the most beautiful thing to walk the face of the earth. Even though she dates douchebag pussies who think their hot shit, we still love her. <3
Did you see that girl?" "Yeah shes a Finch." "Too bad shes stuck with that prick. She deserves better.
by Hugh Schlong April 04, 2011
2 1