1. Reference to our dear friend Daniel
2. Edible bird
3. Fish
1. "Hey, Finch. How are you doing?" Mark
2. Lets eat some Finch
3. Isn't finch a fish
by jiexi December 07, 2003
A non-rude replacement for the word bitch.
"Your such a finch!"
"She was being really finchy yesterday."
"I hate finches!"
by LouiseMay December 26, 2008
Emo band that make music so achingly beautiful it makes you want to jump out of the nearest window at the same time as making sweet, sweet love to the speaker.
Have you got "What it is to Burn?"
No, I hate Finch ... UUUUURRRGH!
Tee, hee!
by The Define-O-Matic April 10, 2004
realy cool guy, wears mostly brown, is often seen puking out his nose onto his socks or passed out in the bath at parties.
"finch you fucking alcoholic"
by Dr. Malcom Ferlosofos August 10, 2003
Jeff Cowles
A kid that looks like Finch off of the American Pie trilogy who was caught by his dad Lorne playing with his ass.
by Genius January 31, 2004
One of the best "Emo Screamo" Bands in the history of the universe. THEY OWN!!!!
Finch is rockin out, yo.

by Mallory January 19, 2004
A drugged up hippie. If you want to get skanked when buying pot, he's your man. If, however, you want to be a sane, normal person, steer clear.
Silly Child: "Finch, sort us a fivers mate!"
Finch: "I DON'T DEAL ANYMORE, HONEST! *whispers*gimmeafiverthen*whispers*"
by Graham Mackult October 24, 2003
A Threesome in which there is a man being fucked in the ass by a girl with a strap on and/or doubble-sided dildo. that girl is also being fucked in the ass by a dude or a strap on and/or double-sided dildo
the girl was in the middle of a total FINCHING
by Michigan Fan 101 July 10, 2008

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