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A beard one grows around the time of Semester Finals. This is done for a number of reasons, but generally it is done because their focus shifts from their face to their failing grades.
Guy 1: Hey, what's going on with Ted's face?
Guy 2: Oh, that's just his finals beard. Didn't you hear? He's failing like three classes.
by Yes Maybe June 01, 2006
The beard that accumulates on a man's face as final exams approach due to lack of time to shave. This can also be a bi-product of too many projects and big assignments to have time to stop and shave.
Josh: Dude, Matt has a stubbly appearance about his face, today I saw him and it looks like he hasn't shaved in ages.

Angela: He's got a serious case of Finals' Beard, He'll be fresh cut by Friday night when finished with all his classes.
by Matthew Shea (@mattshea90) December 12, 2009
A beard grown during finals in order to support the non-failing effort of students attending real schools. Finals Beards may give, good luck, increased analytically abilities, better eye-sight, better hearing, ability to slow down time, ability to travel back in time. Finals Beard abilities are only available during finals.
1. Buddy: "Hey Frank, what did you write for the third essay?"
Frank: "What essay?"
Buddy:"The ones we have to turn in with the final."
Frank: "Essays?! I didn't know about any essays! Oh fu-wait!"
Buddy: "What are you doing?"
Frank: "Finals Beard, activate time travel!"
Buddy: "What?!"
Frank: "...."
Buddy: "So is something supposed to happen?"
Frank: "With what?"
Buddy: "Uuuh nevermind, so what are you going to do about the essays?"
Frank: "I got them right here."
by Beardsman May 12, 2012
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