1.A game famous for setting a new standard for all 32-bit games. It's graphics rival even the 64-bit Nintendo 64 graphics and it's storyline can't be beat. It has everything a great game should have, explosions, death, crazy bad-guys, chocobos and evil corporations.
2. The game that turned Square into an evil corporation (see Square, the evil corporation)
I have over 100 hours on my Fianl Fantasy VII memory card, how about you?
by Jonnadiah April 28, 2005
Sorry, but no, Final Fantasy 6 is not a better game than Final Fantasy 7. The only reason people call FF7 "shit" compared to FF6 is because these people played FF6 when it was STATE OF THE ART and now that ANY game released these days has better graphics than FF6, they can't come to terms with it so they have to bash the next game in the series, which happens to be FF7. To all you "old school" Final Fantasy fanboys/fangirls: get the fuck over yourselves. No one fucking cares if you think FF7 is shit, because the people who know the truth are the ones who still play the game and don't give a shit about what you people think. Just because you like anime and other Japanese culture doesn't mean you have to hate everyone else because they like it too. Get the fuck over yourselves.
Anyone who says FF6 is better than FF7 obviously can't accept the fact that YES, we have moved on from 48*48 sprites!
by Beautiful Scars May 07, 2005
Game in the series for which the terms "fanboy" and "fangirl" were coined.

Before FF7, the series was above criticism, and enjoyed a small, yet loyal fan base. When FF7 was released, all of a sudden, every wapanese child that suffered through high school found a new foothold and began fucking up the internet with their mindless drivel. Most of said children are now adults, have never played any other game in the series, and have moved on to other annoying activities such as cosplay.

FF7 is the worst game in the series. Still, 8 years after its release, my heart still yearns for the days when people that liked anime were completely ostracized, and sat alone at lunch, and the days when nobody had a computer to spew anime/FF7 nonsense all over the non-existent internet.
Forum Moderator: What is everyone's favorite video game?

Animeboy: FF7 omg teh coolest!
Animegirl: FF7 cloud is sooo kawaii!
Hentaiboy: FF7 seffaroth is the baddst!
Hentaigirl: FF7 omg luv lol ._. o_O XD nothign is gretar! ^_^
by Bahamut February 18, 2005
RPG (role playing game) for the playstation & pc, historically important cause introduced the rpg genre to a wider audience & many more experienced gamers saw it as a failure, specially compared to the beautyfull FF6(FF3 for the supernintendo).
Boasted superior graphics at the time but have badly aged compared to today standards (looks too polygonal).
Is not a bad game at all, but too overrated, not even the 3rd best final fantasy to date.
Joe: Final Fantasy 7 was good but not so good...

Bill: IF final fantasy 6 had better graphics it would´ve become the best rpg ever by far...
by alcornoque August 25, 2006
A game that for each 9.000 people like, 8.500 people hate it.I think it's good but not the BEST GAME EVER as a lot of people say, best final fantasy games in order of ownage, for me are:
1st:Draw:1, 7, 9, Tactics and 10.
3rd:Draw:6/3, 5 and 2.
4th:Draw:8 and 10-2.
FF7 Fan:Dude FF7 is the best FF ever, no, the best GAME EVER!
by Ryong May 15, 2005
Most. Overated. Video Game. Ever.
... Hi FF7 fanboy. :D
by Anonymous March 17, 2005
One of the greatest games in an amazing series known as Final Fantasy. Probably one of the least, yes least over-rated games ever. It is widely talked about but not over-rated, if you want to know what over-rated means look at Halo.
The game has a great story, but the majority of people who say it is bad don't take the time to look into it and just focus on the obvious parts that don't need dialogue to understand therefore not really knowing about it.
The game is long enough to introduce the characters and have time to build them up. That along with side quests.
The leveling system is traditional with the EXP. points but using the materia system(I wont go into detail) it keeps the game interesting and gives a reason to spend more time leveling.
The reason people think it is over-rated is because it was popular at the time because of the graphics and such and the reason no one likes it now is because they are too obsessed with fancy graphics and voice acting because they were spoiled by there parents and bought FF10 the day it came out without playing any other FF game until after that. And because they know they will still be spoiled they can't seem to focus on good game play or storyline rather than good graphics and voice acting with no need to become stronger to fight a boss other than with the EXP. they got from a previous boss fight. Just another example of the low intention span of video game players today. Am I in the ballpark?
As far as people who say that games before FF7 are best, well I haven't met many people like that so i haven't had time to evaluate those reasons.
Virtually everyone at my school,"Final Fantasy 7 sucks FF10 rules"
Me, " read what I just posted"
by C1d H1ghw1nd July 10, 2008

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