An over exaggerated game that has too many fanboys. Some say is the best but is not rightfully so. Fanboys start with this game and because it is their first 3D FF game, think its godlike, which is far from the truth. You have a childish hero, a villian with confusing motivation, and a bunch of teenage drama. Fanboys need to get over it.
Fanboy: OMGZOR Final Fantasy 7 is the best!! <<<(Never played another FF game after VI)
by Rufus_S August 05, 2006
By far the best game in the Final Fantasy series. Very get to blow crap up...i live for it! Anyone who says this game sucks and is the worst FF game needs to get a life.
Advent Children comes out soon!!! Hells yea!!!
by xxPieces Mendedxx March 16, 2005
The most overrated game on the planet.

If you take away what it had done for the RPG scene outside of Japan, it was pretty much like any other Final Fantasy RPG you've ever played.
FFVII is a womans game, play FFVI.
by Zakuta Asura October 06, 2004
here we go again...Final Fantasy 7 is the RPG that brought the scene to millions of dumbass american wankers who wouldnt have known plot if it had have jumped up and bit them in the ass, for this it can be praised, the plot is one of the best (shut up i havent finished) in the series and ranks up there with 6 and 7, you will read the testamonies of anyone who played any of the privious games and descover that they think (justifiably) that those games were better and that FF7 should be hung in a medievil courtyard. the simple truth is that these people hate the idea of graphics ever daring to tread outside the 2d sprite catagory and fear change *IF YOU GO INTO A GAME DETERMAINED TO NOT LIKE IT< YOUR NOT GOING TO FUCKING LIKE IT*...this is my opinion deal with it.
Final Fantasy order:
by Blazing Phoenix November 21, 2004
simply the greatest game ever made
you :hey you know what the best game ever is?

me :what?

you :(some random dumbass game)

me :wow end yourself, cuz im pretty sure its final fantasy 7
by curlyfry May 24, 2008
Video game that doesn't focus on gameplay, but storyline.

A storyline that consists of a lot of devices that don't change the plot.

And plot irrelevant characters, Yuffie and Vincent.
If you want a story, read a book or comic.

If you want a video game, play a NES game.
by Anonymous March 20, 2005
The greatest Final Fantasy to have been created. While it is awsome, too many people "cried" at the end of disk one. For those who have played it, you know what I mean. Those who "cry" in a video game need a life and a huge reality check with a nail studded stick.
Sephiroth pwns! Too many whiny bitches are playing a tight ass game like Final Fantasy 7!
by Duane Man December 23, 2005
PS1 and PC rpg. Is slightly overrated. It was good, but not as good as 8.
Brainwashed FF7 junkie: "I dont care what you say, ff7 pwns all"

Me: "Keep telling yourself that..."
by Legendary Nick May 28, 2005

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