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f'ing hilarious. or funny + hilarious. either way, it's filarious!
you: did you see justin bieber get smoked by that water bottle?
me: yeah, it was filarious!
by JekJekMarie November 30, 2010
1) Fucking + Hilarious = Filarious
2) Funny + Hilarious = Filarious
"Did you see that fat kid fall?"
"Hells yeah! That shit was filarious!"
by BMAR May 27, 2006
when something is fucking hilarious
Alize: Omg did you see Morné's hair today ?
Sonia : Hell yeah, that's Filarious
by AAAlex April 10, 2013
origin: truncation of the two words 'fucking' and hilarious'
used when there is minimum time, for maximum impact, as there are only 4 syllables instead of six.
definition: something that has greatly amused you, or continues to do so, would be described as 'f-ilarious'
1. The Office (UK series) is f-ilarious. The US version however, will not be.
2. It was f-ilarious when that drunken fool started ripping down the posters outside my room last night.
3. The world can be made much simpler by using truncated words such as f-hilarious
by Boxman April 13, 2004
combination of "fucking" and "hilarious". the cool and discreet way to say "fucking hilarious," and if your g-rents ask what it means, you can say "oh...just funny and hilarious combined"
Wow, you should have seen the latest episode of The Office - it was filarious.
by ricegirl February 24, 2008
A comment, joke, situation or event that is fucking hilarious.
That guy at the party last night was Filarious!
by The Verbal Ninja January 01, 2012
A combined of the words Fucking and Hilarious, thus making Fucking Hilarious!
Guy1;Dude, I did your mom good last night.
Guy2;Haha oh yeah bro, thats so Filarious. By the way tell your mom the condom broke. ZING!
by BrrrJayDee August 18, 2011
Meaning Fucking Hilarious
That movie was Filarious...
by cjbw March 28, 2010