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Bottled water which very much like Starbucks, has a become a status symbol among the general wealthy population.
Across the nation, the aqua-elite flock to water bars, where instead of tasting shiraz and pinot noir, they swish and sip $5 bottles of Voss or Fiji Water.

But despite all the recent splash, many experts still conclude that water is just water.
by Van Der Brink January 05, 2007
A great way to feel better after being accosted by a Friends of the Earth street preacher.
After being ranted at by that friends of the earth bloke for 15 mins i went straight into Waitrose and bought a bottle of Fiji Water, that is bottled and then flown around the world.
by ah89 August 30, 2009
Untouched by man, bottled at the source. Another name for a virgin.
Dude I was hittin that and she was Fiji water dude. Untouched by man.
by Savage Jerry August 16, 2016
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