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A derivative form for Battletoads, from the NES. It is a joke for when people ask,"what game/is this from?", which in reply, "Battletoads/Fighting Amphibians/Combat Frogs/etc."

The word's creation came from GaiaOnline, which people has a fondness for games, and always asking questions about obscure games. If not known, it's Battletoads/Fighting Amphibians/Combat Frogs.

The word has gotten popular that the GaiaOnline users has created a website called
What game is this?

It's Fighting Amphibians LOL!
by Lockeheart December 12, 2008
A community of people with rich personas, mostly endorsed by a game called TF2. Although some of the older members no longer play with the community and more so with a small circle of friends, FA is the hangout.

In September of 2009 the site got hacked, the name was never released of who.ThatGuy (Owner at the time) handed the site down to Chrustler after that mess because he didn't want to take the time to restore it (LAZY ASSHOLE). A small circle of members abandoned the board to another one, which was a failure from the beginning.
I'm a faggot, nobody accepts me, where do I go?
Fighting Amphibians!
by elitebaka December 11, 2009
From what I can tell, Fighting Amphibians looks like a carbon copy of 4chan with a different theme. It’s kind of like how I imagine english would change if you left 10 people in a room for 20 years. Their words would slowly change until it was something that fit more weller. (C WUT I DID THUR?)
Fighting Amphibians: ffs u goddamn nurds i cud bet u up in like 2 secunds im rippd in real lif
by {bAbyFur}-L1Lprncesssneeks69 November 19, 2008
Imageboard about /v/ideogames.

Mostly populated by 4chan /v/'ers when said site goes down.
Hey guys lets go on fighting amphibians and talk about the ps3's games oh wait ps3 has no games LOL
by dic but August 10, 2008
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