When someone gets high and has a fight with themself.
"Ha! He's getting figh again!"
by mousier bonjour February 03, 2003
Top Definition
saying the "F" word while you exhale a long lazy sigh which consist of bad breath and bad vibes... (fuuuuuuuughck)
its gonna be a long day, (FIGH) fuuuuuuuuuuughk!
by luclown January 17, 2011
Fat thighs.
"Kim should not be wearing those booty shorts with her big fighs"
by thekashkow May 07, 2013
is a douchebag faggot who has no clue how the internet works.
Person 1: he doesn't know the internet works
Person 2: not only that he is gay too
Person 3: You mean to say he is a figh
by figh52 June 04, 2010

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