let me get all of this straight everyone. Its short for the last name Figliola. Get it right bitches.
Yo wuddup Figgy
by wtfbsyeah November 03, 2008
For use as a noun, verb, or adj; it can stand for anything. If it sounds like it will fit a situation, it does.
There's figgy everywhere!!

That was a figgy-fail.

He figgied all over her face.

He's getting his figgy on.

He whipped his figgy out.
by Lutie22 March 03, 2009
Shouting this name from your car to a random guy who is exercising or walking with a group of people. Normally you would do it to a fat guy and complimenting him that if he lost weight and that he looks good while making a John Travolta impersonation.
Guy in car: "Hey Figgy, is that you man? Oh my God you lost weight Figgy, you look good!"

"Figgy": confused and wonders if you're talking about him.
by nrique1 September 11, 2010
the aftermath of inserting your penis in a fig newton pussy,your penis is covered in a waxy substance similar to the inside of a fig newton but its mixed with your semen which makes it look like apple butter.
Evan must of had a sweet tooth last night because he woke up with a figgy.
by tophieCC April 21, 2010
one who is extremely beast at football, preferably nose guard/nose tackle.
dang figgy is a beast, i wish i was as beast as him
by thenumber63 August 29, 2009
An "adorable" term for action figures.
My Batman Figgy has 22 Points of articulation! ...And I broke 2 by accident.
by Jelsan March 01, 2009
a nerd
dude, that kid sucking on that garden hose is such a figgy
by yepaa August 08, 2008

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