1. boredom
2. badluck
3. annoying
1. you're sitting at home with nothing to do. "fuck i've got fig"

2. you're driving home and you get every red light. "fuck i've got fig."

3. a friend won't leave you alone. " "alastair, you're giving me fig."
by marco November 15, 2003
Famed Imagined Girlfriend. This is a Famous Imaginary Girlfriend, who has actualized, taken form and is present.
My lover is also my FIG
by Paris Morgan January 18, 2010
Fake, large breasts. Derived from 'tig old bitties', the 'f' representing the fake aspect.
Did you see those Figs? EEE son.
by SPARTANGLORY June 11, 2009
Fail In General
dude that skater just figged on Xodia, that new monster halfpipe
by Jack the Rapper April 12, 2009
A variation on 'fag', and a popular way to insult one of your male companions who is acting effeminate.

You look like a fig in that t-shirt.

by Master Fig April 12, 2009
A rude name to call a kid who acts gay... a code word for fag
Brian is such a fig he touch Adom yesterday
by big ang May 03, 2005
Another name for a womans vagina or genital region
I opened the females legs and her moist flappy Fig was staring me right in the eyes
by wopmaster January 06, 2010
A female dog's vulva.
Doctor, can you please check her ears and eyes? Oh and check her fig too. It's swollen.
by Graham Yo October 27, 2006

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