1. boredom
2. badluck
3. annoying
1. you're sitting at home with nothing to do. "fuck i've got fig"

2. you're driving home and you get every red light. "fuck i've got fig."

3. a friend won't leave you alone. " "alastair, you're giving me fig."
by marco November 15, 2003
Fail In General
dude that skater just figged on Xodia, that new monster halfpipe
by Jack the Rapper April 12, 2009
A variation on 'fag', and a popular way to insult one of your male companions who is acting effeminate.

You look like a fig in that t-shirt.

by Master Fig April 12, 2009
A name for a graduate that still hangs around high school and their high school friends.

It's an abbreviation of "Forgot I Graduated."
What are you doing here FIG, I thought you graduated from this place?
by GKGfan October 27, 2006
The high interest a Loan Shark charges.
Guido wants 50% weekly for the fig!
by li'l scotty September 10, 2005
A rude name to call a kid who acts gay... a code word for fag
Brian is such a fig he touch Adom yesterday
by big ang May 03, 2005
A gay black man. The combination of the words "fag" and "nig" (short for nigger).
person 1 - Is Wayne Brady a fig, or just weird as hell?
person 2 - I don't know man
by Jawsonsallupinhere June 15, 2011
Frigid Indian Girl
"man, you two have been a couple for three years, you must have bumped uglies a few times!"
"naah bro she's a total fig, she just wants to talk"
by Nofig April 18, 2010
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