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WARNING: This feat is for experienced sex-ers only, do not attempt without medical assistance nearby!

When a couple reaches a point in their relationahip in which they have tried every possible sex feat and position, they should attempt a Fig Bewton. To incite pleasure in the female, the male stands in a ready position directly behind the female. The male then (wearing a large boot) kicks the female in the Vascular Chasm Cavity (anus) or in the pussy. The male's foot must become lodged inside the female, he may have to attempt repeatedly. Once lodged, the male wriggles his foot out of the boot in a pleasurable way for the female. Once out he may proceed to "fuck" the boot, and yank it out. Now proceed to the nearest medical facility immediately!
Clark (Superman) has never been able to perform the Fig Bewton because he always ends up kicking right through (literally through) Jane.
by Zach P. August 17, 2006
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