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The grade before middle school when you are ten, think your twenty, if you got to a public school the kids curse publicly and frequently and listen to indie rock and call it normal, if you go to private school kids basically try to ruin your life and they always curse in private, but are snitches and tell on you for touching their laptop.
Also, they think random things are incredibly hilarious.
Public School Boy 1- F*** cheese!
Public School Boy 2- I like pie, ok you a**?

Private School Girl 1- So, what do you think of her?
Private School Girl 2- Shes mean.
1- What do you really think??
2- Well, shes kinda a B****
1- I'm telling, because we are only in fifth grade!
by private school girl 22 January 08, 2010
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The last sane year of your life.
I wish I was back in fifth grade where we only had one teacher and walked in lines in the hallway and didn't have homework.
by Pseudonymmynoduesp February 05, 2015
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