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Another term for anal probing, usualy done to cows as a strangly sombrero shaped UFO floats overhead.
*Man runs behinde friend with a pool stick yelling* "fiesta!!!!"
by A.V. Eternity November 17, 2008
Synonyms include beaver, poontang, love box and honey pot, but is used specifically in reference to cunnilingus.
Jordan does not like the smell or taste of fiesta.
by Opium Addict October 29, 2006
the act of licking someone else's face.
my friend licked my entire cheek, then yelled "fiesta"
by u cant find m3 April 29, 2007
A wet chicken
Grant Says a fiesta is a wet chicken
by The Great One March 11, 2004
An online party that takes place on a message board or blog that involves many people posting hilarious images (usually pictures modified in photoshop) and gif-animations of a hilarious nature.
"OMFG Fire up your Photoshop, It's Fiesta Time again!"
by anon August 25, 2004
A small economy car that is popular in Europe and/or other poor or liberal hell holes.
Billy drives a Fiesta and he is a communist.
by bubba November 13, 2003
A small, crappy car manufactured by Ford.
I wipe my buttocks on your fiesta.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004