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noun: super epic awesome spectacularific fun
Gears of war 3 is totally fiesco!
by thegodalister November 01, 2011
A Mexican party gone wrong.
The party turned out to be a complete fiesco when someone filled the pinata with bean dip.
by Anthony Meade February 10, 2007
a portmanteau (that is, the physical union of two words or more into one) between the words "fiesta" (Sp. word for party) and "fiasco" that refers to a bad party, esp. when the party's guest attendance is a very small percentage of the actual guest expectation.
Dude, the unpopular girl's party was such a fiesco: out of the 30 guests on the list, only 4 showed up, two of which where her parents.
by Karim Pluma June 09, 2008