Worst Godmoder online ever.
*Fiero_Firestorm absorbs the fireball, ignores the lightning due to his armor, and reflect the ice back at you.
by Booken July 14, 2003
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Top Definition
Of, or having to do with, a discussion of the 4.9 Cadillac engine family when installed in a Pontiac Fiero, usually begun by someone who has since been banned from a certain internet forum.
This thread has turned into another Fiero Firestorm, thanks to Lil Pun.
by pff'er January 23, 2005
Someone a bit too obsessed with beastiality.
Fiero, stop fucking sheep!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Fucking idiot that chats on an IRC server, thinking he is a God that knows everything.
* Fiero instantly kills Booken *
by Drium July 10, 2003
Fucking Clownshoes
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
Godmoding lamer! Everyone hates him, but he can't seem to understand it!
Fiero, shut the hell up.
by Pez-Man July 11, 2003

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