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something bad, or somthing good
1.Dude yo shoes stink somthin fierce.
2.Damn dude that kickflip was fierce.
by Cant find a name June 22, 2005
A Cali term to used to describe something that is hella cool.
Did you see him throw that guy through the store window??? That was FIERCE!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
Sometimes used to make an exclaimation of extreme ugliness!
Whoa, Dude did you see her?? ...Man she was lookin pretty fierce with them buck teeth and her lazy eye!
by 2Rooks November 16, 2005
1) a term to describe any unfortunate or shit out come of an event.
1)guyA: yo 'ho i just saw yo momma blowing my sister's horse.
guyB: fierce

2) my momma a crack whore.. fierce.
by Jedcomyn May 18, 2003
A word used by many young black/latino homosexuals especially in the ballroom scene used to describe something that is really horrible... Rocky, bangy, trashy or very very rough looking or ugly in apperience
Example 1:
Tariq: Girl did u see wat miss thing had on at the club last night?
TJ: Yes Child miss thing look horrible
Tariq: I know Honey Her outfit was FIERCE... I wouldnt be cought dead in that trash...

Example 2:
"Please tell me why miss thing came storming in here thinkin she was lookin Ovah When she was lookin a Fierce MESS"

Example 3:
"Girl u need to stop hangin wit those Rocky ass faggots cuz all of them are Fierce!"
by jamil Cavali February 27, 2008
The best description of last night's burrito surprise.
Ow, that burrito surprise was so fierce, it gave me pecoros and I lost a gallbladder.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
a newb named bobby who thinks hes black even though hes just a white wigger
me:bobby your fierce
bobby:why thank you
me:that wasnt a compliment