A term coined by Ms. Tyra Banks, that means the shit,great,strong, or the BOMB.
Tyra: Give me this pose right now! and strike it FIERCE! strike it FIERCE!
Jaslene: Well if you guys want me to stomp down 180 steps i will stomp down 180 steps and best believe that last step will be just as fierce as the first one!

by myisha September 14, 2007
the way asians make love in bed. its so fiery and passionate!
"that asians eyes make him so fierce in bed!"
by fiercexxlover February 20, 2009
very bad, extremely bad
It was quite fierce to go through that process.
by The Return of Light Joker October 03, 2008
The ability to be awesome at everything.
"Wow, Katie Loomis is not fierce because she is a loser."
by CSchara March 11, 2008
The personification on the word "fierce" is Christian V Siriano.
He is the most fierce person ever, and he is the only person that can pull of saying fierce more than once a day.

You can't really use it to describe anyone but Christian V Siriano, so you could really only say "Christian is fierce." But that means Christian is Christian so you're stating the obvious
by NikeH February 24, 2008
Anything and everything can be fierce whether its positive or negative.

Its also a poker game

Its the 2nd F word.
ex: Those shoes are fierce!
ex: yuck, this burger's fierce.
ex: did you see that?, fierce!
ex: (inconversation) "whats wrong?"
"I forgot my wallet at home". "aww,,,fierce dude"
by Deeznuts December 10, 2004
A word used to describe cool.
See also: the "f" word
Sergei Federov is fierce good.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004

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