A term mostly used by gay men to describe something good (example 1) or the way someone is dressed (example 2 and 2a). The tone of voice also matters (especially in example 2a)
Example 1
Person 1: "How was that party girl?"
Person 2: "Girl, that party was FIERCE as hell!"

Example 2
"Work! That outfit is FIERCE girl! You look good!"

Example 2a
"Hmph! No...that outfit...is FIERCE, you need to take that off right now! It is so ova"
by PromisedDeath July 11, 2006
menacingly wild, savage, or hostile, something intense and furiously eager.
a person, for example, can be described as fierce if he or she is fearless, different, stands out, oozes charisma and attracts the masses in an instant.

by jonesy88888 September 09, 2008
A type of excitement that one gets. An intense aggressiveness.
I ate this burrito and the hot sauce that was on it was very FIERCE.
by Colatz March 02, 2015
Extremely FABULOUS! high fashion, very couture, VERY posh! EVERYTHING done with extreme CONFIDENCE!!
the new Givenchy line is Fierce boo!
by MISSJUDAY October 20, 2009
A word used by two fashion divas, Tyra Banks and Christian Siriano. It is used to describe someone or something that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It gets noticed.
1: Christian: Yeah I'm..kinda fierce and kind of a big deal.
O my God, My outfit was so fierce!

2: Tyra: It's gonna be...FIERCE!
Girl you betta work it and be fierce!
by rhombusBbo February 22, 2008
Since Tyra Banks' bastardized inception of the term into everyday housewife banter; gays have since denounced it. The only people that use it are middle school wannabees, straight women who think they're "down" and poser fashionista's. Anything that is to be considered "fierce" is pretty much mainstream to us gays.
Amy: "So what do you think of these Louboutin's?"

Sara: "OMFG, they are like, soooo fierce! They make your calves look totally skinny!"

by Gucci Ass December 16, 2008
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