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When 2 guys are having intercourse with 2 girls doggystyle and facing each other. In the act of love making the girls are face to face and the guys lift their hands straight into the air. 2 people rush into the room. The first person holds a football on the ground while the other kicks the ball through the body generated upright. After the ball soars through the sweaty goal post a referee rushes in the declare it a field goal.
Breh, we totally nailed that field goal, but the hold was sloppy!
by Jd02 October 19, 2013

Girl lays on her back, knees up, head off the bed. Guy is titty fucking her, backwards (facing her knees). Upon ejaculation, guy launches cum through her knees, resembling a field-goal in football.
I'm over the blumpkin, Cleveland Steamer, Dirty Sanchez, Rusty Trombone, Donkey Punch, and Houdini. I field goal bitches!
by LVWP April 19, 2010
when someone kicks a man in the groin. Normally he is so much pain that it requires a hospital stay.
by Saints September 09, 2003
Right as a man is pulling out during a blowjob, he squirts, and the cum is shot through the two front buck teeth of his girlfriend. When it makes it through, FIELD GOAL is yelled during the orgasm.
1) I totally got a field goal on her last night!
2) It was a long shot, but im so glad i made that field goal!
by Anita Coch June 13, 2012
Two men stand up facing each other, their penises touching tip to tip. A third man stands adjacent to the other men. The third man then proceeds to beat off trying to shoot his load in between the other men who are essentially the posts thus completing the field goal.
"Hey Rick, wanna kick a field goal? Me and Bobby will be the posts."
by bobradio May 07, 2010
When a bitch is layin on her back and you stand at her head while shes givin you head, when your about to nut you pull out and donky punch her in the stomach causing her legs to shoot straight up then you shoot your load through her legs better know as the uprights
Dave "man you shoulda seen that field goal last night"
steve " what are you talking about there wasent even a game on last night?"
Dave " no man im talking about your sister, i gave that bitch the fieldgoal last night"


"man i hit a field goal from that hoes dresser all the way to the other side of the bed, it was at least a 60 yarder"
by Random_989 November 08, 2007
Throwing a turd over a shower rod on an unsuspecting roommate.
Nigel wouldn't get out of the shower, so I Field Goal'd his sorry ass.
by psychosquid January 20, 2012
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