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1. A person who lies or has an uncontroble need to stretch the truth for no reason.

2. A person who thinks himself a legend in his own mind.

3. Someone who is never around when you need him, but around when you don't
1. Why are you telling fidlers. You broke the desk now I'm going to have to tell a fidler to cover it up.

2. That guy has a fidler attiude. Fidler thinking has no place in this office.

3. Where is fidler when you need him? Man I wish fidler would just leave
by reggir0641 September 10, 2010
verb. to apply self tanner in such an inconsistent manner that it appears you haven't bathed in months.
noun. the act of pulling a fidler
Did you see that goofy bastard's tan? It looks like he fidlered himself.
by goldentee rules May 30, 2003
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