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Fid·dle·tooth fid-l-tooth


Is a combination of two words "fiddle" and "tooth". Most commonly used in an insult.

1. referring to the projections of a comb, rake, saw, etc.

2. to waste time; trifle; dally (often followed by around ): Stop fiddling around and get to work.

3. British Informal. to cheat.

4. British Informal. swindle; fraud.
I. "How Dail holding up?"

"I reck'n d'em Fiddletooths fucked Dail up perty good."

II. "Those damn Fiddletooths done stole every cent!"

III. "Oh, don't you pester me you incompetent fiddletooth!"
#fiddle #tooth #swindle #cheat #fraud #insult #saw #rake #comb #sharp #fittletooth #fitletooth #fidletooth
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