1)an indescribable somewhat instramental-shape to ones penis usually pertaining to an asian.

2)a nickname for the coolest asian in the world
1)-OMG, i slept with wong-ti the other night, and that mother fucker had a fiddle dick!

2)-"fiddle dick!!"
-"who is that"
-"only the coolest asian alive; Daniel Field. duh"
by asian's mama March 03, 2009
Top Definition
A game where four men stand in a circle with their pants down and dicks erect. They begin to smack their penises together by thrusting their hips (as no hand contact is allowed). The object of the game is to climax as quickly as possible. Once you achieve ejaculation, you are safe. The jizz is collected in a cup and the person who does not ejaculate drinks the contents of the cup. *You MUST be strait to play.*
The boys went to the bathroom and engaged in a competitive match of Fiddle-Dicks.
by FiddleDicks September 25, 2010
Drilling a series of holes in your penis in order to play the fiddle with it
I was so bored yesterday and i carved me up a fiddledick with my pocketknife
by Digging8inchesdeep December 04, 2006
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