You're the fucking idiot. fiddle=violin. It's more of a violin playing style than anything.
Every good violinist should try fiddle style.
by Homosex August 08, 2007
To simultaneously jerk off a guy with the left hand and finger a girl with the right, imitating the playing of a fiddle. Can be performed by either sex.
"Oh man, your sister totally fiddled me and your mom last night! She was hitting that G-note!"
by DJ Infinite October 25, 2006
Glass pipe for smoking meth.
The fiddler is blowing a new fiddle, so he can smoke his crittle.
by EH of HB October 19, 2007
1. To cheat someone of money.
2. APpears in the UK sitcom "Blackadder" (series 3) as a rude word (when looking up the words "Fart, Fiddle, Fornicate" in Dr Johnson's first dictionary). Quite what 'fiddle' is intended to mean in this context is not clear.
John's on the fiddle.
I will fiddle the books.
by Ian Chode October 29, 2003
A strange beast who's name is often used to scare young children.
This creature is known to urinate anywhere and anywhere without prejudice.
Has mother issues and can often pass out without warning.
"Stop that or the Fiddle will get you"

"pffft, he drinks like a Fiddle"
by Harry Shingles April 18, 2008
Southern jargon for fuck.
Fiddle on you fellas I'm headin' to the house.
by Slack Jawed Yokel from Rkansas October 26, 2004
A flattened, roadkill squirrel that has hardened over time thus taking on the shape of a fiddle/violin.
That highway was riddled with fiddles.
by TastyBigWang June 29, 2009
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