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Acting like a woman regarding such things as making up your mind about things
Wonderschlong - Hey buddy, what do you mean you don't get together and do something this weekend?

Stinky Brain Bling Bling Foo Foo - I originally decided that since we had not made definite plans and I had not heard from you, that I would go make other plans. Then when you called, I became fickle and changed my mind. Then I changed my mind back again. Anyway, let me know if you want to have a drink some time.....just try to give me some advance notice....some nights are busier than others....for example next week my woman and I are going to get brazillian's together. She prefers it that way when I am tapping her badonkadonk.
by Slob-o-matic August 12, 2004
a small hairless rodent
Corey: Wendell has a fickle

Evan: Yezzer
by hjfoytjro0gkfpg November 27, 2006
verb- to experiment with or mess around with.
present tense, fickling
" Look at science dork cara over there FICKLING with her cocaine and lab rats."
"Let me FICKLE on my calculator and get you those numbers."
by W. Price November 12, 2005
the overwhelming sensation a male acheives when the female is sucking his penis so hard he can no longer take it so he punches her in the face.
quit fickling me so much you ho

that was some major fickling

you can keep doing it but dont fickle it anymore
by gucci-MANE July 19, 2008
An amount of money equal to exactly 5 dollars.
1.)"Hey can you loan me a fickle?"

2.)"Dang that costs a whole fickle!"

3.)"I wish i had 4902375023970296234756203795 fickle. Then I could buy lots of whores."
by Randy Hardtimer March 31, 2006