Acting like a woman regarding such things as making up your mind about things
Wonderschlong - Hey buddy, what do you mean you don't get together and do something this weekend?

Stinky Brain Bling Bling Foo Foo - I originally decided that since we had not made definite plans and I had not heard from you, that I would go make other plans. Then when you called, I became fickle and changed my mind. Then I changed my mind back again. Anyway, let me know if you want to have a drink some time.....just try to give me some advance notice....some nights are busier than others....for example next week my woman and I are going to get brazillian's together. She prefers it that way when I am tapping her badonkadonk.
by Slob-o-matic August 12, 2004
Top Definition

Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious.


The immortal deity of ridiculous films on the SPF.
"Your mother sure is a fickle bitch." -son in law

by Cadrid February 11, 2004
Where you want someone so bad nad "chase" them and once they like you back you dont like them anymore
Sarah: IM as fickle as a pickle

Sarah: i want joe
Joe: i dotn want u
Joe: i want u
Sarah: i dont want u
by fick;e November 21, 2002
likely to change your opinion or your feelings suddenly and without a good reason
She's so fickle - she's never been interested in the same man for more than a week!
The world of popular music is notoriously fickle
by Arja2012 May 07, 2012
Being difficult in a ficklish nature. Being flip-floppy about decitions under pressure.
My boyfriend is so fickle when were in a pickle.
by ZombiePinup July 17, 2012
Briana Taylor Elrod and Sophie Devil Child.
Inability to make decisions and follow them through. Might also include insane pmsing.

Also known as boarding the crazy train (first stop Texas)
fickle: "I love you! Let's get married"
victim: "HELL YEAH."
fickle: "oh, actually... I don't love you. Look at that hot guy, get out of my way!"
victim: "I thought you loved me?"
by verminator. January 18, 2009
(Naked or non-naked) A penis/penile object, that has been farted on.
Billy--Dammit Sue Ellen, you just gave me a fickle. (noun)
by The Fickler January 13, 2009
a small hairless rodent
Corey: Wendell has a fickle

Evan: Yezzer
by hjfoytjro0gkfpg November 27, 2006
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