A life-sucking, soul-killing disease. You feel sick enough to cancel dinner with your friends, but not sick enough to miss work. Symptoms are similar to the flu: fatigue, body aches, fevers (they come and go) and major brain fog. The symptoms can flair up without warning, which makes planning ahead impossible. No known cures. Pain medication can help, so can yoga, swimming and meditation.

There are several theories as to fibromyalgia's cause, including pollution, aspertame, sick buildings and more. There are several snake-oil "cures" out there; it pays to be cautious.
Last year I was going to the gym five days a week, working all day, attending graduate school at night and taking care of my husband and house. Today I count myself blessed if I can make it through work without a pain pill--all because of fibromyalgia, a disease most people don't believe exists (such as in the prior entry here).
by Tamra November 22, 2005
Top Definition
Fibromyalgia is a secret code amongst health care workers meaning "you're a worthless sack of shit, please go away."
You have Fibromyalgia. You're a worhless sack of shit. Please go away.
by Browndell June 12, 2009
The term fibromyalgia is derived from three words – “fibro” is a Latin word meaning fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments that connect bones to muscles and bones respectively.

The middle part “my” is derived from the word “myo” meaning muscles.

The word “algia” refers to pain.

The word literally means pain in the fibrous tissues. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome of multiple symptoms rather than just pain.
My Fibromyalgia has really flared up today, my muscles are causing me so much pain all over my body!
by Skippy91 January 26, 2015
A disease developed by doctors as a diagnosis for Hypochondriacs. They often prescribe Lyrica - which is actually a placebo.

If you believe you suffer from this disease, look in your medicine cabinet. If you have anything other than Asprin you may want to consult your doctor.
I hurt everywhere and I'm really sad for no reason. My fibromyalgia must be acting up.
by C.Ass.E June 19, 2014
Literally: "muscle pain" A diagnosis made in the absence of pathology, i.e. the antithesis of disease. Normally - but not always - presents in older, obese women who are unsuccessful at some aspect of their life - sexual, financial, career. It is a real phenomenon - but it is the somatic expression of depression, not a physical disease. Commonly treated, unfortunatley, by narcotics. Counseling and therapy would be better.
How come your mom's on disability?

She has fibromyalgia, so her best friend is morphine.

by phormio of Athens October 25, 2006
someone who is in pain all the time, it never stops. that someone gets lack of sleep deprivation and has brain fog and depression, and has to deal with a bunch of assholes that say you're disease is fake, but you try not to mind those fucking cunts. so people that dont believe in it...GO FUCK A DUCK ASSHOLE.
Kaitlyn; Im sorry i can't , my Fibromyalgia is worse today.

bobby: OH yeah right.

by goatturtles December 06, 2010
The disease that people claim is assailing the when they are done with working, responsibilities, house cleaning, body cleansing, and any other activity requiring and real exercise or movement of the body.
Dude, your Mom stinks man!
Yeah, she's got fibromyalgia, she's decided not to shower anymore.
by ouchie1 May 31, 2005

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