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Befriender of the cats, brother of the dwarfs, member of the lairies.
Fiblous: I like small cats who are very angry!
by Pozingles January 21, 2011
1) A pillow that is small but cuddly.

2) A boy who is short and looks like a mushroom. Other characteristics include: claiming things as his idea when they weren't, failing to wash regularly, and idiocy. He is regarded as a bit of a gay person with no life and no friends.
1) Ahh, Fiblous, you are large and cuddly.

2) Fiblous: It was my idea.

Person 1: No it wasn't you gay, idiotic person who smells a bit with no life and no friends.

(hits Fiblous over the head; Fiblous dies)
by schneeblob January 19, 2010
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