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Ffugly = Fucking fugly = fucking FUCKING ugly... this is quite possibly the most hideous anyone could ever get. the act of being double fucking is the equivalent of a chuck norris roundhouse kick. thus making Ffugly the term for the most ugly of uglies...
friend 1: "dude that chick from last night was soooooo into me. why did you have to cock block me?"

friend 2: "dude you were drunk and didn't realize she was Ffugly. i saved you from the embarrassment."
by Destroyer of Virgins October 22, 2009
You call someone that if their beyond fugly. Usually stands for fucking fat and ugly.
It is pronounced "Fah-fugly"
Stanley: Man that chick is beyond fugly.
Clinton: Yeah I know she's like ffugly.
by Clinton Liang November 02, 2010
The definition for a girl whom is extreamly beautiful and amazing, though considers herself fat and ugly which is a huge misunderstanding to the definition of the above word.
"Baby i feel so F-fugly" i no babe your the F-fugliest girl i know of.
by zbrownie December 06, 2010
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