noun. face de pet.
stop making these weird looks. please.
by la puss a l'agony January 14, 2004
Top Definition
Me. In other words, awesome personified.
"Ffej is awesome."
by Ffej May 11, 2003
something that is false, strechting the truth, exaggeration
Don't ffej me, I know you don't have a 4 foot penis.
by vsoup December 16, 2003
One who is "atheletically fat" and is the cause of many knee injuries in the tri county area in rural kentucky including one of his own teammates. One who works at Dairy queen and steals all the food. A person who is a ffej may be adopted and be of Canadian descent.
Dude you totally just tore my ACL! Your such a ffej
by the dark wizard November 30, 2009
An uber creep who doesn't know where the line is.
Wow he is being a total ffej...
by campgirl765 August 14, 2011
that which lacks h4
Ffej can't wang.
by hdl June 11, 2003
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