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someone who went to the feztival on june 18, and can safetly say that new found glory,story of the year, and hoobastank suck.
STUPID CHILD: hoobastank rocked
ME:now my brain is clear
by scarysnowman June 24, 2004
A person who satisfies the following criteria:

- Fat
- Ginger highlights
- Wannabe eminem
- Thinks his nickname's Ferret
- 'wrist slittey life hatey donut eatey'
- Oh and FAT
Ferret aka FEZER!
by We love Fezer December 09, 2007
A wigga of sorts who contrasts this image by listening to the least Gangster music in existance, they also hate life and are so freaking depressing. They also suck immensely and lack social graces.
"Dude that gangster is listening to Avril Lavigne"
"He's such a fezer"
by PicardLol December 09, 2007
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