the only male who is linked to and can understand the snarkettes. gives awesome gifts. is a bit more than a bit of a neat-freak and enjoys making paper delicacies in his spare time.
fez...of fez and the snarkettes!
by anonomous January 02, 2004
silly hat (popular in egypt) OR nerd on whatnet
"i am wearing a fez!" OR "05:33 <@fez> i gotta upgrade from Apache 1.3 to 2.0 so i'll brb"
by naken February 20, 2003
A slang, informal term for oral sex. From
See derby, top hat, head, dome, brain, medulla, cerebrum, cerebellum, etc.
"Hey man, my main chick is coming over to the crib tonight."
"Oh hell yeah, man! You gonna get some fez tonight!"
by CJ Lamp July 10, 2008
Another word that means police
"Yeah blud, man got screwed by fez they took his whole stash"
by Semtex August 02, 2006
one of the biggest beasts around.
"Dam fez is such a beastly beast!"
by Fez October 13, 2004
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