A nick name for famous television star Andrew Griffiths
Waaaaa Fez
by paulcb May 21, 2009
To describe one's self as being the sum of all knowledge. To describe someone as being enlightened with the physical world.
Omg you are so Fez!

Wow he is Mr Fez!
by MusePhysick January 27, 2010
Ron Bennington's gay counterpart on the Ron & Fez Show on XM 202 - noon to 3
Fez was depressed as usual and crying over some dumb stuff, while Ron did everything he could to make him feel worse and, in the end, made things all better.
by djunderground01 March 28, 2008
A normal SCEZ, when having a horny phase, like FES from That 70's Show, becomes a FEZ
Man, Fez, you're disgusting...
by freddylecter November 26, 2006
A fez is another name for a condom. Kind of like a fez but for your other head.
"No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on
Oh no
No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on
Oh no
That's what I am
Please understand
I wanna be your holy man" Steely Dan - The Fez
by Zed Leppelin September 07, 2003
1. Your game.

(In the 70s, your fez was the common term for what is now known as "your game". Guys used their fez to pick up chicks.)
"You're never gonna do it without your fez on.." (Steelie Dan song "Your Fez")
by Old Dude from the 70s May 08, 2007
Abbreviated form of 'feral', meaning disgusting.
"Ewwwww milk just came through her nose! That is so fez."
by Miriam September 18, 2003

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