Abbreviated form of 'feral', meaning disgusting.
"Ewwwww milk just came through her nose! That is so fez."
by Miriam September 18, 2003
Top Definition
A foreigner of undistinguishable ethnicity. Usually, with a seemingly generic foreign accent and tan coloered skin. Based on the character from That 70's Show with a changed spelling acronym for foreign exchange student.
Habib-Fang is such a Fez! I have no idea where the hell he's from!
by Salmon November 19, 2003
A cool hat.
It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.
by Red Fleming July 05, 2011
An acronym for "Foreign Exchange-Student"
Suvi from Finland is our most favorite FEZ in the world
by Lee "The Yellow Dart" Anthony April 27, 2003
A hat, u sually red in color worn by:

A. Shriners, the guys who helped handicapped kids, have a circus, and drive those little cars at parades.

B. A madman in a box...usually accompanied by a bowtie. Can alternate with a stetson.
1. The homecoming queen convertible hit that shriner in his little car..all that survived was his fez. :'(

2. The Doctor: Oh. Okay. I escaped then. Brilliant. Love it when I do that. Legs. Yes. Bow tie. Cool. {feels for his hat} I can buy a fez.
by BigBoy28 February 26, 2012
a city of morocco, north africa.
have you been around fez ?
no, not yet
by blitzz September 04, 2007
Your Face
Taking the micky out of someone who has had something funny happened to them... Eg - In ya FEZ!!!
by The Lichfield Crazies April 06, 2010
Australian colloquiallism short for feral, meaning someone who aestetically unpleasant to look at or an object of questionable sanitary appeal
Guy 1 - Hey, what do you think of Tanya?
Guy 2 - Dude, wtf? She's fez...!

Girl 1 - Eugh, I just knelt on gum
Girl 2 - Fez.
by Joelywh December 09, 2008

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