fugly=fuckin' ugly
fexy=fuckin' sexy(;
Mike: U lookin' fexy in the dress Lexi
Lexi: Danks boo
by Sweet-Thing June 14, 2011
1. Fexy is fucking/fecking sexy.

The opposite of fugly.

2. Fexy means Jess
Wow... Jess is so flipping fexy I cant stand it.
by The Fexiful May 15, 2005
To be very pretty but also highly unatainable.
Christ on secondhand green half-penny, look at that Thogg thats just walked in the club!! How Fexy is she? I'm off to relieve me Crunné on in the bogs.

Don't bother talking to her, you'll never Clatt her She's Fexy.

I like her loads, but its obvious she's just Fexy.
by Daz September 22, 2004
2.Fucking sexy
3.Fexi:a haircut similar to the beehive hairdo's of the 50's
4.Fexee: a brand of really tight blue jeans, like what emo boys wear.
"did you see those fexee jeans that emo boy was wearing?"
by keight April 10, 2005
(adj) meaning fat but yet sexy. usually people use this word when they are trying to call themselves fat but really they think they are skinny.. people do this so they will get more profile comments from "their friends" saying that they looks really skinny and beautiful (but they are lying). Also people use this word to try to make themselves seem like they are not conceited.. i mean conceit?? in addition people who use this word are dumb and fat and definately not sexy
Girl1: who you creeping on?
Girl2: that FEXY bitch. she added a new picture and her status is "Comment my new picture".
Girl1: damn that bitch is dumb doesnt she know you dont do that shit on facebook.
Girl2: No i know. Go back to Myspace.
by sa_mmm March 30, 2009
Fucking Sexy! lol diane
That fexy bitch was singing step your game up and i went uh! uh! uh!
by dave yedid January 31, 2005
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