In any activity when one person is going ham/hard in the paint. As to say someone just did something sick
Bro, you had that fever out there. You were saucing kids left and right
by BunBrice November 08, 2010
Top Definition
cool, or impressive.

"Hey Baby. Lookin pretty feva today."
"Dawg that was sooo fever when i made that shot"
"My friend alejandro is quite ill, he has a fever of one hundred and one degrees! it would do him best to stay at home."
"nigga you neeeed to be checkin out this song. It is soo fever."

by Real O.G. Flavor April 09, 2009
1.) a contagious rash of business closures in a particular market or area, due to economic down-cycles, market changes, or antiquated business practices. usually expressed as 'the fevers'.

2.) an urban space's natural (though sometimes traumatic) process of purging outdated, irrelevant, or uninteresting businesses, industries, people, and ideas.
"Hey, what happened to the Circuit City?"
"Oh, dude, they've been closed for like a month. Caught the fevers a LONG time ago, probably from Speaker City. You can get all that stuff on the internet now."
"But I want Predator on Blu-Ray NOW!"
"Calm down, dude. Did you take your pills?"

"Man, did you hear about how you can get a house in Detroit for like a grand these days?"
"Yeah, Detroit's got the fevers real bad."
by sheenthenewnorris March 06, 2011
Rolling a five in a dice game.
I figured I'd be safe because the only thing that could beat my fever was a six.
by Ziek May 02, 2005
When that one person who is right for you makes you feel great and warm inside.
Your sitting next to each other and the other person reaches out her or his hand to hold yours. Thants FEVER BABY!
by Junny November 07, 2003
five dollars for dope
hey i got a fever man you right? - crackhead
yeah get in the car bitch!- weirdo dealer guy
by crackpoodle July 10, 2008
When a man's eyes glaze over, and they enter a world dominated by carnal desire. Money becomes no object.
Inevitably they will finish the night with a bottle of wine and a chat.
Sometime booka will ensue, depending on whether it is merely a simple case of fever or chocolate fever.
See angus, angry angus
See chocolate fever, but for no particular creed or colour
by boohog June 08, 2004
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