a big dick, hustlin' ass player that so happens to pimp hoes, and play the game how it goes.
"Who's that hopping outta the Infiniti with 2 bulges in his pants? Oh that Fetty!"
by Dosia Boy May 21, 2008
Top Definition
Cash, scrilla, money, dinero, and/or federico.
Damn, that cat be makin that fetty.
by Mr. Mac December 25, 2004
Money, Bread, Loot, Cash, Chedda, Skrilla, Guap, Skrillz, Bills, Stacks, Mulla, Racks, Dinero, Paper
"Yo bee I just dragged them dudes last night for mad fetty"

"You know I dont f*%k wit niqqaz fetty like that"
by OG Bezzle November 18, 2011
Baseball term for pitchers.

Noun: A statistical win for the relief pitcher after the offense has gotten over their hangover, despite the performance of the starting pitcher.
Verb: To gain a win by a relief pitcher after a comeback.
The relief pitcher entered the game and got the win for his first fetty after a comeback by the offense.
The game was fettied by the closer, although the starter pitched a gem.
by naba8baseball September 10, 2013
females located in the 530 California that sleep with multiple 30 year old men to support their drug habits and have a place to stay the night.

usually talks slow (from the drug impairment)

can not hold down a solid relationship for more than 7 months.
tells extreme lies like being abused or having their children abused
trashy white girl that refers to themselves as having "swagger" "haters" and that they "hustle"
"i stay fresh and keep my hair and nails done cus i hustle and make that money"
"girl get off that fetty shit, your momma owns a damn salon and you slept with a 35 year old for a blunt and to use his food stamp card."
by conman425 October 15, 2013
when you jizz in someone's left eye
bro 1: you'll never guess what happened last night man, mellisa let give her a fetty.
bro 2: Jesus crist that sounds dangerous
by DontForgetToFlush March 10, 2016
A witty, personable, and seductive male figure. Often does well with the ladies. Someone who consitently gets injured during any type of strenuous activity. Mysterious and unreadable. Extremly masculine. A great friend to have.
"Ah Man, you got hurt again playing softball...you pulled a 'fetty'!"

by michelle jean September 11, 2007
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